In 1969, Gene and Violet Wallace (affectionately known as Papa and Meme) moved their family to Clay Hill Florida to fulfill Gene’s dream of being a farmer.  Over the years, these acres have seen many different agriculture products from hogs, cows, corn, peas, watermelons and then in 1982 they began growing broilers for Tyson Chicken.

Diane grew up on the farm with her brother David. Through the years the farm was always home and when Diane met Glenn and they married it was just natural that they would move to the farm. There always seemed to be a lot to do on the farm from a cow found down in the field and an emergency vet visit, cutting hay in the summer, picking blackberries, or taking care of the chickens.


In 1993, the reins were turned over to Diane and Glenn, who continue to run the family farm. They had six children who have grown up on the farm and still live here today. In 2016, the family welcomed its 4th generation of cheap labor... I mean children to the farm and now, the family is proud to be welcoming the public to enjoy our farm by adding Events at All 4 One Farms.